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Tuesday 5 February, 2008

Sunaina Roshan - Hrithik's Sister Joins Bollywood Wagon!

Another star sibling 'Sunaina Roshan', who is Hrithik Roshan's Sister, has joined the Bollywood wagon. Only difference is that she is not joining to be an actress, rather to be a producer. She will be co-producing a film with her father, Rakesh Roshan.
"The film is named Krazzy 4, and is is about four mentally unstable people who escape from the mental hospital in order to explore the world. They are out on a one-day trip. The film goes on to show if these four characters are crazy or is it the world that is actually crazy,” narrates Roshan.
She has succeeded in roping both Hrithik and ShahRukh Khan in doing an Item Number in her first film. Well, All the best to her!

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