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Friday 8 February, 2008

Bollywood Stars - Tattoo Trends - See Pictures

Bollywood Stars - Tattoo Trends - See Pictures

Hollywood actors, Rock stars and even football celebrities have been known to wear various kinds and types of trendy tattoo designs on their bodies. Some have names of their spouses or beloved while others prefer some kind of art form.
Bollywood actors and celebrities are never far behind in following the footsteps or fashion trends of their hollywood counterparts. Here's a look at some of the actors who got themselves tattooed and are flaunting it off!

Saif Ali Khan

The latest star to join the bandwagon, Saif Ali Khan, has been seen sporting a Tattoo with Kareena's name on his arm. That's how all the rumour's of his supposedly love affair with Kareena started.

Esha Deol

Here's Esha Deol with her Tattoo on her back. She is apparently very religious as the tattoo is a "gayatri mantra".

Amrita Arora

The younger sister of Mallaika Arora has also got a couple of tattoos. This one on her back says "Love Saves The Day". The Other one that she has is supposed to be the name of her boyfriend, Usman Afsal, on her lower back written in Arabic.

Mallaika Arora Khan

Well, quite obviously, if her sister has done it then can she be far behind? Mallaika Arora too got herself tattooed on her lower back. She sure knows how to get heads to turn!

Sanjay Dutt

The bollywood hunk, Sanjay Dutt, has some great tattoos on his body. And the latest one to be added is apparently the name of his "girlfriend"? Manyata. Here's a photo of him getting himself tattooed by Sameer Patange. You can read more about Sameer Patange and his tattoos Here:

Apoorva Lakhiya

He is apparently Bollywood's most Tattooed Celbrity. His tattoos run down both his arms and the one on his left arm in fact starts right at the top on the base of his neck. Have a look at his photo

Mandira Bedi

The Beautiful, Bold and Vivacious anchor Mandira Bedi received an exotic token - a Tibetan Om tattoo - gifted to her by family friend Ronnie on her Birthday. she's Got the Tattoo on her lower waist so that her "belly button acts as the chandra bindu (dot) above it", is how she describes it! This photo of hers appeared on the Maxim Magazine's Cover page and got her into a raging controversy back home where people burned effigies of hers on the streets for her actions!

Among other bollywood celebrities, Suniel Shetty, John Abraham, Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Abhishek, Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen and many others who are now getting into the groove and trend of Body art with tattoos!

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