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Friday 24 August, 2007

Nach Baliye 3 - Promotional Video

See the promotional video of Nach Baliye3, with all the dance contestants that are taking part.

Rakhi Sawant V/s Kashmira Shah!

"AA Dheke Zara, Kisme Kitna Hai Dum!"

Yes, the formidable two are going to be pitted against one another yet again! Those of you who had been following the reality Show "Big Boss" will know what I am talking about. Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah both had provided enough fireworks and masala to keep the show alive almost till the end! And the good news is that they are going to be competing yet again in the forthcoming Nach Baliye 3 television Dance show.

This time it is going to be a competition of their dance talents! which is their main professional skill. So, who's going to out do the other this time? Who will win and who will be eliminated before the other, remains to be seen!

The channel has finalized the 10 jodis that will be participating in the show. To see the jodis Click Here

The show will be aired on television in september.

Tuesday 21 August, 2007

Success saga of bindaas Rakhi

It pays to be a bechari, bindaas babe!’

‘Sweat’ dreams are made of these! The huffing and panting rise of Rakhi Sawant from a routine item girl in long-forgotten movies like Chura Liya Hai Tumne and Mumbai Express to a bourgeoise icon, is indeed one of the most favourite rags-to-riches stories in Bollywood today.

Post her much-eyeballed presence in the reality show Bigg Boss , Rakhi suddenly catapulted to the status of a middle-class heroine who dared to grab her dreams with both her hands... and perhaps a little help from silicone implants. Excerpts from an interview with the bindaas babe.

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Ash turns down Karan's offer

Aishwarya Bachchan has turned down Karan Johar's next film, saying the role was too sexy for her. BT explores the desi mentality to doing hot roles post marriage

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Sunday 19 August, 2007

Chak de India movie review

Balbir breathes fire every moment. Preeti and Komal want personal glory and hate the sight of each other. Bindiya is too arrogant to play second fiddle when she’s not chosen captain. Can the national hockey team even dream of winning the world cup with this chaos? Ask Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) their coach – he’s the only one in the country who thinks they can.

You’ll love Chak de India for it’s storyline. It’s fast, has peppy music and you’ll catch more than 1 example of how a team has no place for sour losers. Most incidents are culled from the live of an Indian hockey player turned coach, Mir ranjan negi. Most of the girls are actual hockey players. Cricket fans may not much like the constant comparisons between the two sports but not for long. Once you get in sync with the girls out to kill on the hockey field, you won’t bat an eyelid.

Friday 17 August, 2007

Abhishek Bachchan the next in Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum?

There was a news report in the papers about another wax figure being considered to stand alongside those of Bollywood stars Aishwarya, Amitabh and that of Shah Rukh Khan in the Madam Tussauds wax Museum. They have prepared a list of popular figures that they are considering for this objective and on this list features names like Lata Mangeshkar, Madhuri Dixit, Abhishek Bachchan and even Karan Johar!

The way of selection is again going to be through popular votes! And the speculations are high that the person that will be selected may be Abhishek, for the ‘silly’ reason that it would complete the Bachchan family!

Now, I find this to be completely and utterly disgusting! How can anyone even imagine taking Abhishek Bachchan’s name in the same category as the great playback singer Lata Mangeskar who is in a different league altogether! It is a great insult to her, I feel! And if they do want to complete the Bachchan family in the museum then why didn’t they consider Jaya Bachchan instead? Hasn’t she contributed more to Indian cinema and also to the country than the junior Bachchan, who still has a long, long, long way to go before we can say that he has contributed in any way to the Indian film industry or the country other than simply being the superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s son!!!??

I personally feel that Lata Mangeshkar would have been the right choice and that she should not and cannot be considered in the same league as the later stars like Madhuri, Karan and even Abhishek!

I only hope that the officials who are behind this move will consider all aspects very thoroughly before making their choice! And May the deserving person be chosen, to represent our country in the right manner and for the right reason!

Monday 13 August, 2007

Chakde India

Can a film peddle patriotism, fight against the gender bias, rip apart class distinctions and make a valid criticism of regional chauvinism, minority bashing, all at the same time? Technically speaking, we would label such a film as sloganeering and would rubbish the filmmaker as a pamphleteer. But wo! what's this. Director Shimit Amin not only manages to make the anhonee honi (impossible possible), he does it with a delicate sensitivity and sensibly steers clear of all cliches.
Great performances by a bunch of unknowns, a gritty pace and a marvellous restraint make Chakde India an unbridled ode to patriotism without any hysterical chest-beating.

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Aamir Khan denies Credit to Amole Gupte

The Aamir Khan and Amole Gupte conflict is getting murkier. Rumour has it that the perfectionist Khan is not ready to credit Gupte for his directorial contribution in Tarein Zameen Par. The post production work of the film is currently on and Khan is giving out instructions over the phone from South Africa.
Gupte is terribly upset with 'good friend' khan's decision. Gupte who has worked on the story and script for seven long years was excited about his directorial venture. However, his moment of truth arrived when Khan decided to call the shots saying that he was not too happy with Gupte's efforts.
They have had too many differences during the schedule in Panchgani where they shot consequent portions of the film in New Era High School. However, after a little protesting Aamir decided to credit Gupte as the creative director. Khan who is at present filming for Ghajini in Cape town was as usual not available for comment.

Arhad Warsi and Raj Zutshi showdown!

Trouble brewed on the sets of "Goal" at karjat. Saroj khan was reported to have made her opinion loud and clear about the lack of chemistry between John Abraham and Bipasha for a song. And now another development on the film's sets. Apparently there was a scene where a goal was to be shot by Raj zutshi initially, which was changed at the last moment by Vivek Agnihotri. This upset Raj Zutshi tremenduosly, and he accused Arshad of trying to steal the limelight.
Raj was obviously very upset and they had a showdown on the sets before the rest of the cast intervened and stopped the scene from getting ugly. Vivek Agnihotri says," I don't see why Raj is upset. We did have discussion over it and things seem fine.We always have choices and we have the liberty to change something while on the sets."

Karunya taking Abhishek too seriously?

karunya used to be called Abhishek Bachchan due to his similarity to the actor, during his days on the music reality show(Indian Idol). And at a recent function, Karunya's orange jacket was a tad too similar to the red jacket Abhishek wore in the 'where's the party tonight?' number. Seems like Karunya's taking the abhishek tag a bit too seriously!
Yes, karunya seems to be rocking, as was witnessed at an event in a suburban lounge the other night. He sang his heart out at the event. The mood was all pop and peppy. The songs ranged from the romantic to emotional, club to pop and lounge.The young and talented singer, who had made his bollywood debut with a song in a Vidhu Vinod Chopra film and who also topped the charts with a telegu number, got a loud applause from the cheering crowd, post his live performance.
Also in the crowd were Prajakta Shukre and Rahul Vaidya, who were together all evening, as reported in a newspaper. Something cooking there guys? We wonder!

Trophy Moments For Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty

Salman Khan and Shilpa shetty recieved the Rajiv Gandhi Award for their achievements in the Indian film industry. The awards, organised by the youth wing of the ruling congress party, were presented to young achievers in memory of India's former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.Salman Khan may have more than one criminal case against him, but as far the state Congress is concerned he's still a winner.
Salman will share the stage with Kapil Dev and the flavour of the season Shilpa Shetty. The award will be handed just two weeks before Salman could go to jail for poaching on a chinkara near Jodhpur . The actor is also standing trail before a Mumbai court in a hit and run case where one person was killed.
First was the court announcement of a judgment in the chinkara case set for the 24th of August. Then the film Partner starring Salman is facing a lawsuit for plagiarism. And now comes the award, which has been the only piece of good news for the actor.

Aishwarya and Abhishek deny rumors of Baby Bachchan

Ash and Abhishek seem extremely offended at the latest media scoop that Aishwarya is pregnant. Abhishek was quoted saying, “it is not true at all”.
Ash’s manager said that Ash will be extremely busy for the next two years not just with Bollywood films but also with Hollywood films like Pink Panther 2 which she recently bagged. So it is highly unlikely that the lady is ready to plan a baby right now. But what if hubby Abhishek has different plans as he was last quoted saying, “Kids shouldn’t be planned, they should just happen”. Well, we are always ready to welcome the junior most Bachchan any time!!!

Aishwarya Abhishek To be Parents Soon?

Aishwarya and Abhishek are in the news again. Once again media speculation has become ambitious enough to predict that the golden couple is expecting a baby!!
Surprised? Well, the news can be true as Ash dear has cancelled her trip to New York where her wax statue from Madam Tussauds will be for public to view in the occasion of Indian Independence day at the Museum. Last time when the media speculated their so called affair, the couple retracted initially but eventually got married. So, let us hope that even this time the media's stories are true.


No sooner Farhan Akhtar came back from his family holiday than he started to direct his first period film, tentatively titled 'Voice From The Sky'. The movie is set at the turn of the last century ... around 1905. 'Voice From The Sky' is about the communication system. This goes back to a time when the telephone had just emerged as the new means of communication. Farhan is dedicating the film to mom. According to Farhan, this is going to be the first of several projects that Farhan's production house has lined up for the coming year.


Tuesday 7 August, 2007

Gandhi My Father - Movie Trailer

Gandhi My Father - Movie Trailer

Gandhi My Father - Movie Review

I went to see this movie, Gandhi My Father, in the theater last weekend! I wasn't expecting anything much. But, to tell you the truth, the movie had a real impact on me!
To begin with, the movie was a slow narration of the story of Gandhi - "father of the nation", as we all know him to be, and his son Harilal, amidst the backdrop of history of the freedom struggle in India. This must have been the first time that this aspect or side of Gandhi has been explored in a movie! At least I have never heard of it before except maybe in plays!
The story of Harilal(played by Akshaye Khanna), is indeed a very moving one as it focussed on his failures in life and his misfortunes to be associated with the name Gandhi! I felt touched and sorry for his character as he is trapped between a "mahatma" who is reverred by the nation and a father who is indifferent to his own son's needs. The story has been told in a very subtle and sensitive manner and the scenes between the father and his son were very moving!
Akshaye khanna has done full justice to his role as Harilal and he managed to get tears in my eyes throughout the narration! His love for his mother, Kasturba above his father is perfectly brought out and justified.
The one thing that struck me after the movie ended was the complete "silence" that followed it after the lights came on!
It really showed the impact that the movie had on the audience. Everybody in the hall was left speechless! And gave us all something to think about!
All, great people, even mahatma's have some weaknesses in them!
Kudos to Anil Kapoor! Great movie! Must see it once at least! I think this movie will become an epic!

Friday 3 August, 2007

Khabar Filmy hai

Here are some hot filmy Khabar, and gossip!

Munnabhai don’t think “Jail ki tension”…

Bollywood in no mood to party

One more smoking number from Bips

Zayed Khan upset with makers of 'Cash'

More classics to get colorized

French Film Festival in Mumbai

Anything for Sanju

Akshay’s striptease!

Multiplexes to ban ‘Simpsons’, ‘Harry Potter’

We all make mistakes: Fardeen

Newsweek finds 'Gandhi, My Father' gripping

Sanjay Dutt to be shifted to Yerawada Jail

Look alike!

Of good and bad times...

Jinxed Dutt!

Munnabhai v/s Khalnayak

‘I want to act with Salman Khan!’

Jackie to hold Woodstock in India

Battle of sexes for John and Saif to win Bipasha !!!

Arshad Warsi and bad actor?

Shilpa wants kids without being pregnant…

Shilpa Shetty leads UK opinion polls for the new Bond Girl

Susmita Sen may be the next Mallika Sherawat!

Amitabh urged peoples to fight against Cancer !

Urmila Matondkar sizzles in Mehbooba Mehbooba

Aamir Khan is all set for Hollywood production!

Aishwarya-Abhishek together in the final episode "Koffee with Karan" in August

Karan does know how to end things with a "bang!" He has managed to get the 'much talked about' couple, Aishwarya and Abhishek to have koffee with him in his talk show "Koffee with Karan Johar" as his "grand finale" episode. So, don't miss this one. I am sure lots of you will want to see this couple together in a couch for the first time.
Let's see what secrets Karan manages to get out of the horses mouth this time!Other special attraction of the show includes awards for the best guest of this season in various sections like rapid fire and supporting guest. And there will be a special jury comprising of - Malaika Arora, Rahul Bose, Rohit Bal and Cyrus Broacha – to decide upon the prizes.

Well, not to divulge too much in advance, all I can say here is, that Iam sure you don't want to miss this one.So keep your eyes open for the finale in August.

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