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Tuesday 6 November, 2007

Wishing ShahRukh Khan a happy Birthday !

It's ShahRukh Khan's Birthday, The king of bollywood turns 42 today, and we all wish him a very happy birthday. Typically, he loves to spend time with his family on this special occasion, but doesn't mind his friends coming over to wish him and bring gifts for him.

What's unusual is that instead of expecting gifts from his friends, he himself goes about giving gifts to his friends! Aren't they lucky? If rumors are to be believed, he has gifted his best friend, Farah Khan, a white mercedes, this birthday! She had recieved another gift once before a toyota but, since she's pregnant with twins and finds it difficult to move around in that car, as its too bumpy, he's given her a mercedes, for a smoother ride! How considerate!

wish He would include me in his friends list! Hey Shah Rukh, need a new friend, call me!!

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