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Wednesday 21 November, 2007

Aish - Abhi offers prayer at Kadappa Dharga!

Aishwarya and Abhishek were seen together yet again offering prayers at a Dharga in Kadappa town of Andhra Pradesh on Thursday Morning. They were also accompanied by her in-laws and Amar singh, Of Course! Now we wonder why they are so religious? Is anything brewing? Maybe Aishwarya is expecting? Or are they still trying desparately to ward off her "Manglik" effects on poor Abhishek?

A large number of Bachchan fans and curious onlookers gathered at the dharga to have a glimpse of the star couple. Amar Singh's family and the Bachans later left for Bangalore after spending about three hours at the dharga. The Dharga is often visited by a number of Bollywood personalities and politicians. Music director AR Rahman is a frequent visitor to the dharga.

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