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Wednesday 5 December, 2007

Aaja Nachle - A Big Disaster?

Aaja Nachle was released in the theatres with much fanfare all over the country but sadly the movie was not able to capture the audiences like it was meant to! Well, what do you expect when the script of the movie itself was copied from a foriegn film, a Brazilian musical “Xuxa Requebra “.

Poor Madhuri Dixit, who was rumoured to have been unhappy with the outcome of the movie after it was made, got trapped into the film all because of the dance sequences. But, To give her credit, she has as usual been able to create magic with her dances and she is as graceful as ever!

Unfortunately, the movie attracted all the wrong kind of attention by two states and was banned from being screened there due to some words in the lyrics of the title track, which apparently did not go down well with certain population of those states!

I wonder how many people were able to sit through the entire movie!

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