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Tuesday 7 August, 2007

Gandhi My Father - Movie Review

I went to see this movie, Gandhi My Father, in the theater last weekend! I wasn't expecting anything much. But, to tell you the truth, the movie had a real impact on me!
To begin with, the movie was a slow narration of the story of Gandhi - "father of the nation", as we all know him to be, and his son Harilal, amidst the backdrop of history of the freedom struggle in India. This must have been the first time that this aspect or side of Gandhi has been explored in a movie! At least I have never heard of it before except maybe in plays!
The story of Harilal(played by Akshaye Khanna), is indeed a very moving one as it focussed on his failures in life and his misfortunes to be associated with the name Gandhi! I felt touched and sorry for his character as he is trapped between a "mahatma" who is reverred by the nation and a father who is indifferent to his own son's needs. The story has been told in a very subtle and sensitive manner and the scenes between the father and his son were very moving!
Akshaye khanna has done full justice to his role as Harilal and he managed to get tears in my eyes throughout the narration! His love for his mother, Kasturba above his father is perfectly brought out and justified.
The one thing that struck me after the movie ended was the complete "silence" that followed it after the lights came on!
It really showed the impact that the movie had on the audience. Everybody in the hall was left speechless! And gave us all something to think about!
All, great people, even mahatma's have some weaknesses in them!
Kudos to Anil Kapoor! Great movie! Must see it once at least! I think this movie will become an epic!

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