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Sunday 19 August, 2007

Chak de India movie review

Balbir breathes fire every moment. Preeti and Komal want personal glory and hate the sight of each other. Bindiya is too arrogant to play second fiddle when she’s not chosen captain. Can the national hockey team even dream of winning the world cup with this chaos? Ask Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) their coach – he’s the only one in the country who thinks they can.

You’ll love Chak de India for it’s storyline. It’s fast, has peppy music and you’ll catch more than 1 example of how a team has no place for sour losers. Most incidents are culled from the live of an Indian hockey player turned coach, Mir ranjan negi. Most of the girls are actual hockey players. Cricket fans may not much like the constant comparisons between the two sports but not for long. Once you get in sync with the girls out to kill on the hockey field, you won’t bat an eyelid.

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