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Sunday 7 October, 2007

Kareena Shahid Kapoor Break up! More Media Hype

Everybody knows by now that before every movie is released, the main acter and actress will be talked about, with either break ups or involvements or some other such publicity stunt to garner interest for people to go and see the movie.
They have tried this formula for ages now and we all can see through it. Is it all really necessary? Whom are they trying to fool, specially with a couple like Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor! They are both so much in love with each other that it's impossible to get them separated. I really find this ridiculous! With her new movie "Tashan" slated to release soon, These rumours have been floating around for quite some time, pairing her opposite Saif Ali Khan! Poor guy has enough controversy in his life already, not to add another one. It's really difficult to even imagine him with anyone like Kareena kapoor. She's too young for him anyway!
Don't you think it's time Bollywood tried some different tactics to showcase or advertise their movies with?

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