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Thursday 5 July, 2007

SRK to Revive Indian Hockey!

There is hope among the former stars of this sport, that the Bollywood badshah might revive the national sport with his new film - Chak de.

Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a woman's team coach in this film. Former hockey players beleive the Bollywood Badshah might just score for the national sport.Hockey lags far behind the other sports like cricket, football and even tennis in the Indian popularity stakes. Our nation has been surviving on cricket for the last century (feels like) and we all were given a big blow when we got out in the first round of the much awaited "world cup" matches!

After this dismal performance, I think its time that India took stock of its other sports and tried to revive the interest of the public in them too. This film will definitely be a step in that direction and I hope it makes its mark by making the right people sit up and take notice and probably start something productive towards this end.

Our sportsmen are making their mark internationally in other disciplines, but the national sport is languishing. So there is all round appreciation that Bollywood has decided to do something about it. SRK and Chak De India might just be the shot in the arm that hockey so desperately needs, feel sports people who also follow films. It might encourage youth to take up hockey again.

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