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Saturday 7 July, 2007

Bipasha reaches Lisbon without her wardrobe!

Bipasha Basu has reached Lisbon, Portugal, to host the new Seven Wonder's of the world show alongwith renowned celebrities like Sir Ben Kingsley, Jennifer Lopez, and Oscar winner Hillary Swank. Unfortunately for her, she had to take a flight from London to Lisbon without her luggage, as there was a slight delay in the arrival of the luggage while waiting for the connecting flight! The luggage is scheduled to arrive today, making it 48 hrs without her wardrobe and just 24 hrs away from the main event!
But, notwithstanding, Bips is still very excited as she enthuses about her great grand moment. She requests all of us to uphold India's pride by voting for the Taj Mahal to be included in the Seven wonders of the World!

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