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Tuesday 6 May, 2008

Kareena Kapoor Looks Hot on the cover of ‘Time Out’

Kareena Kapoor, with her newly attained diva status, can rightly be crowned as the queen of cover girls. This time the gal graces the cover of ‘Time Out’ magazine with the best of her glamour quotient. The cover itself is so inviting, the hawkers will definitely be unable to meet the demands of all the hands asking for a copy of it.

In the interview to the magazine, Kareena speaks candidly about her childhood days with sister Karisma, how they used to travel by school bus and local trains. Their mother Babita’s single handed upbringing, and even about Saif that he has to come to meet her as she is too shoestring tied about time.

Hope you fellas have booked your copy before everything gets sold out!

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