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Monday 18 June, 2007

Kunal going Hrithik way!

The sexy and suave Kunal Kapoor seems to have a musical bent; he's been learning to play the flute for sometime now. If making women sing to his tunes wasn't enough, the lad has a new plan now. he will simply make the gals dance to his beats. Yes! Kunal's taken the challenge to be one of the best foot tappers in Bollywood, like his buddy Hrithik Roshan.
Apparently, he's taking dance lessons everyday and diligently practises for hours trying to perfect his steps at home everyday! So, is he going to give Hrithik some serious competition? But, if Kunal wants to be better than him, its going to be no mean task. Our Dhoom boy is not that easy to beat and would be one helluva competition. isn't it?

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