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Monday 18 June, 2007

A Book on Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Gupta, filmmaker, is paying his friend Sanjay Dutt the ultimate tribute. He’s commissioned a 3-volume biography on the superstar to be written by journalist-author Neelesh Mishra.
Explaining about the book, Sanjay Gupta told the reporters that he didn’t think that Sanju’s life could be encapsulated in one book. His life was not only exceptionally eventful, but also very inspiring. Therefore they had decided to divide Sanju’s story into three volumes. The first Volume would take you into his story until he went into rehabilitation for drug cure. The second volume would go through his marriage with Richa Sharma., the divorce, and her tragic death.
In the final volume you will get to read about his court procedures, his probation, and other details.
To help in writing the book, Sanjay Dutt would be personally sitting with the writer over several sessions sharing his darkest fears and thoughts. According to Gupta, this would be a “no-holds-barred” story. “Sanjay Dutt’s life”, according to Neelesh Mishra, who is a lyricist, “is an amazing story. It mirrors the sunshine and the darkness of Bollywood itself. I see it as a very challenging international project, far more difficult than the three books I’ve written so far. Hope I do justice to it.”

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