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Monday 25 July, 2011

Salman Khan's "Bodyguard" Unveiled Movie Trailer and More

Trust Salman Khan to always do things in great style and pomp. He manages to steal the limelight and get huge box office hits whatever he does. This time he is ready once again to hit the screens with his latest venture, "Bodyguard". The movie is inspired by his own bodyguards and as a tribute he is all set to get his personal bodyguard, Shera, to launch the theatrical trailer of his bumper Eid release. In fact, this time he wants all the focus and attention to be on his personal bodyguard, Shera. Is this his way of showing gratitude to the person who was always ready to give up his life to protect Salman, his idol and mentor? Apparently, yes!

It was his bodyguard who introduced the much-awaited theatrical trailer of his action-packed extravaganza at the launch function held recently. “It’s a very symbolic gesture. After all, Shera has been Salman’s bodyguard for several years now. Also, it fits in with the film’s line of communication perfectly,” says Priti Shahani of Reliance Pictures, Bodyguard’s co-producer.


Speaking of this film, Salman had apparently turned down an offer of Rs 7 crore to wear a security company’s uniform in the film, opting instead for Shera's brand. He had been approached by several security agencies to use their uniforms in his film. So, get ready to see the return of Salman Khan yet again on the big screen with "Bodyguard" on Eid. Most of his latest films have been huge box office hits.

Watch the theatrical trailer of Bodyguard on you tube video here.


This latest Bollywood movie ‘Bodyguard’ directed by Siddique, stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is a remake of a Malayalam film with the same name, which is also being remade in Tamil. In the film, Salman will be seen wearing the dark grey uniform of Shera’s company with Tiger on his name tag.

Watch "I Love You" Song Trailer on You Tube Video:


Our Sallu Bhai being how he is, recently got into a fight with Bunty Walia at Maanyata's birthday bash. Seems like history repeats itself with Salman, as three years ago he had a similar fight at Katrina's bash. According to news reports, on thursday night Sanjay Dutt threw a lavish birthday bash for his beloved wife, Maanyata where he invited only his close friends were invited. Salman Khan and Bunty Walia were present, too. 

Apparently, Salman walked in around 2 am and greeted everyone. He then bumped into Bunty Walia. Unfortunately for Bunty, Salman was already in pretty high spirits and so he started arguing with the filmmaker, which got louder by and by. The argument soon reached the stage where they started hurling abuses at one another and they had to be separated by Dharam Oberoi, who intervened at the right moment before things could get out of hand. He took Bunty away. 

The host Sanjay Dutt was nowhere to be seen during this incident, as he had just gone out to drop one of the guests home.

A source informed, “Bunty Walia and Salman’s brother Sohail Khan were business partners at one point in time.However, after Bunty and Sohail went their separate ways, all has not been well between the Khan clan and Bunty. In fact, Salman and Bunty had got into a fight before as well.

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