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Monday 19 October, 2020

The Mysterious Death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment on 14th June 2020 by his flatmates and cook who were residing along with him at the time. At that time, his death was reported as a case of alleged suicide by people who discovered his body and also by the Bandra Police who came to investigate and transport the body to the hospital.

Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0,
via Wikimedia Commons
Now, the main people who were residing with him at the time in the flat were; Sidharth Pithani, Neeraj, Keshav & Dipesh Sawant. The story given by these people as to the sequence of events leading to the discovery of his death is as follows:

On 13th June, night prior to his death, Sushant retired to his room after dinner. In the morning of 14 June, he spoke to his sister over the telephone at around 9 a.m. and an hour later he had a glass of juice and his tablets. At around 11:30 a.m., his cook knocked several times on the door of his room, to confirm the menu for the day. He and Rajput's friends received no response. They then called a key-maker to open the door, following which they called Rajput's sister and the police. He was found hanging from the ceiling fan. But they did not find any suicide note in the room. According to a Times Now report, some medical papers and anti-depressant pills were also found in his house. 

After the police arrived at the scene, the ambulance was called to take the body. However, from here on many suspicious activities happened at the crime scene, that demand an explanation and need to be investigated thoroughly. For one, apparently there were two ambulances that landed up at the scene, out of which, one ambulance was sent back empty. There are also reports going around in the social media of there being two bodies discovered at the scene, and that the two bodies were loaded together on the stretcher and put in the ambulance. The identification of the second body is still a mystery and no confirmatory news regarding this has come out in the official media as of now. Stories of a minor girl are being circulated. So were there two deaths? Double murder? Well, the murder charge is still also not officially declared by any investigating authority.

Ok, so when the body was found, an allegedly close friend of Sushant Singh Rajput, namely Sandeep Singh landed up at the premises and started taking care of everything. He also met with Meetu (Sushant's Sister) who was called by Sidharth Pithani and stayed close to her all the way till the hospital where the body was taken in the ambulance. Initially, the ambulance driver was going to take the body to Leelavati Hospital which is closer to the residence, but someone instructed them to take the body to Cooper Hospital. 

At the hospital, it appears (according to pictures and videos that were taken at the scene and reported in the media, that there were two stretchers that were taken out of the ambulance. Thereafter, apparently, the doctors at the Cooper hospital performed an autopsy late at night in poor light. The post martem report declared the death as "death due to asphyxiation due to hanging" and No time of death was mentioned. The next day, early morning his body was taken to the cremation site and cremated in a hurry. There, Sidharth Pithani apparently took hundreds of photos of the entire cremation. However, he had not taken a single photo after having discovered Sushant Singh in his room, allegedly where he had been found hanging from the ceiling fan. 

The other suspicious activities that happened on 14th June at the crime scene, was the presence of a mysterious girl who is seen entering the premises from the main gate in full sight of police personnel and she was then handed a black bag by one of the persons who was present in the room where the police were taking note of the crime scene. This man is also seen in the video clearly wearing black shirt and a pink cap on his head. Who was this mysterious girl? And what was in the bag that was handed to her?

Apart from these characters, is Sushant Singh Rajput's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty who was living with him for the past few months and her brother Showik Chakraborty who are involved in the mystery surrounding his death. Rhea was also seen leaving the mortuary at Cooper Hospital in the company of some other people. Why did she go there? And what did she do, while she was there? Why was she allowed to enter the mortuary where only Family members are generally allowed, and that too after permission from proper authorities.

After Mumbai Police took over the investigation of the case, they hurriedly declared it as a suicide on the same day. The Home Minister & Chief Minister also declared it as a suicide in a press conference and were in a great hurry to close the case. However, after a month or so, when the case refused to die down, due to interest taken by the common people on social media, who continued raising suspicions about the mysterious circumstances of his death, and demanded a serious probe into the matter.

Kangana Ranaut a leading actress of Bollywood also raised pertinent questions in a media channel and gave some eye opening insights into various aspects of life of a new comer in Bollywood and how they are bullied and pushed around. She also raised serious concerns about the trend of nepotism coming to the fore which targeted the top producers, directors & leading families in the industry. She also highlighted the drug problem that is prevalent in the industry. This fact came out when media discovered that Rhea was procuring drugs and something was administered to Sushant in his coffee or tea in the form of drops, as advised by Rhea's Manager, who was also supplying drugs to her on a regular basis.

This whole case then took several turns and was handed over to the CBI for further investigation. In addition, the NCB and ED also joined the investigation to look into other aspects of the case of money laundering and drugs.

In the last 4 months, several facts have been uncovered with respect to the case and a few drug paddlers have been arrested. Rhea was also arrested on a drug charge, but later she got bail. 

The case continues.....will Sushant Singh get justice?? People from all over the world have joined in the movement to fight for justice in this case. 


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