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Sunday 18 October, 2020

Kangana Ranaut Celebrates First Day Of Navratri at Manali

Kangana Ranaut has shared some pictures of herself from her home at Manali in Himachal Pradesh, of her celebrations of the first day of Navratri on Twitter. 

On the first day of Navratri, actress Kangana Ranaut shared some selfies of her celebrations at her home in Manali on Twitter also stating that she is fasting. The Hindu festival of Navratri began on Saturday 17th October and will last till the 25th October, Sunday. "Who all are fasting on Navratri?" She tweeted as she shared her beautiful pictures of herself dressed in traditional Indian attire. In her message to her fans, she urged them to "enhance our energy system". 

She tweeted, "Shiva is absolute nothingness Shakti is the play of energy which means Shakti is everything #navratri has tremendous possibilities, let's work on enhancing our energy system #Navratri2020."

She had been in the limelight recently for getting into a battle of words with the Maharashtra Govt, specifically with Sanjay Raut, who then made her the target of his fury by bulldozing her Office building in Mumbai. The matter ended up in the High Court, and is still subjudice. However, Kangana has been tweeting constantly in support of the Sushant Singh Rajput Warriors who are fighting for justice in his death case. Meanwhile, another FIR has been registered against her, she says. "Pappu Sena in Maharashtra seems to be obsessing over me, don't miss me so much I will be there soon." She taunted.

Meanwhile, Kangana is busy training for her upcoming action film "Tejas" where she plays a "Fauji" Indian Airforce Pilot and also for the role of a spy in the second film "Dhaakad". She shared a video where she is seen performing boxing, handstands and kicking exercises with her trainer in Manali.

She tweeted, "Bollywood ki thali may have given me a lot but post Manikanika success I too have given Bollywood it's first ever legitimate action Heroine. ❤️"

Well, we wish her all the best...and let's see what happens on her next visit to this city of Mumbai..

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